Vernail Skaggs joined California Greenworks Inc., in January 2016, and is excited to bring his background and connections with LA Unified Schools and sustainability to this organization.

Vernail Skaggs is Program and Policy Development Specialist at the Los Angeles Unified School District, with the responsibility of developing policies and procedures that aid the District in accomplishing its environmental goals. As part of this work, Vernail led the Sustainability Initiatives Unit of the Los Angeles School District in the development of energy and water conservation goals and the development of the school district Proposition 39 Clean Energy Jobs Act program.

In his previous role with LAUSD, he served as Special Assistant to Board of Education Member Marguerite P, LaMotte where he advised the member on educational policy, operations, facilities, and fiscal matters. During his time at LAUSD, Vernail has led the development of programs and initiatives that improved the school district’s operational efficiency resulting in a $30M savings for LAUSD.

Vernail Skaggs is past chairman of the board of directors of the West Adams NeighborhoodCouncil, former board of director for the Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health, and serves on the board of directors of the Sounds of Change Arts Education Foundation. Vernail holds a bachelors degree from Saint Paul’s Episcopal College, a Master Certificate inOrganizational Behavior from Villanova University and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.