Water Links! Urban Watershed Education is a program designed to raise awareness for urban water pollution prevention, recycling, water quality, water conservation; and environmental stewardship.  It explores and defines our local watershed, recognizing how important it is for humans to live in and around a watershed, how one should protect it, and understand the link between the watershed and ocean.

Water Links! is a 5 week experience-based curriculum designed to get kids involved in Earth Sciences. All lesson plans in this series meet the California Education Standards for Earth Science. We have taken extra care in the development of this curriculum by designing maps with GIS information provided by the City of Carson GIS Department as well as implementing suggestions from teachers in order to provide 5th grade students with a real-life understanding of the local watersheds and their relationship to the Los Angeles river and the ocean.

More often than not, inner city youth are not provided the opportunity to experience firsthand how their world is linked to the watersheds around them, and what their impact is to the ecological environment living beneath the ocean. Water Links! provides that first experience while addressing the relationship between the ocean and their backyards.

Supporters of this project: Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board Region 9, Metropolitan Water District, and the San Pedro Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

We are looking to grow this program, if you know of a school that could use this curriculum, please contact via email info@californiagreenworks.org or call 323-298-5077.

Program cost are based on the number of participating students. Call for a quote, If you would like to sponsor a school, please donate HERE.