California Greenworks (CGW) proposed Ballona Creek Habitat Restoration project will help to restore habitat with native vegetation and improve water and air quality as well as create much-needed green spaces and habitat connectivity. In addition, the project will promote the protection of existing natural resources and provide recreational and outdoor education opportunities through service learning to a large sector of low-income communities that are key to reducing urban pollution and improving local and coastal water quality. We are anticipating this project to start May 2016 and continue through May 2019.

The purpose of this project is to improve and restore the natural resources of the wetland while providing multiple benefits through on the ground urban greening and habitat improvements within the eastern portion of Ballona Creek Watershed. CGW will engage students, at-risk-youth, residents and business owners especially those from low-income communities in the Watershed, promoting public participation and involvement through services-learning and outdoor activities that provide recreation and engage participants in a personal way and inspire social responsibility in protecting the environment.

The restoration will use vegetated bio-swales designed and engineered to optimize the functions of the subsoil to naturally settle suspended sediment and solids from water flow and maximize vegetative uptake. The vegetated depressions and plants will help to clean storm water runoff and allow detention and infiltration. It will develop needed greenways and urban forest, converting bare and degraded areas along the creek banks to interconnected network of natural areas.

In addition to the environmental improvements, CGW will design and prepare interpretative signage that will be installed along the creek to help educate the public on the natural resources including history of the watershed, geology and physical characteristics.

California Greenworks will work in partnership with local organizations including schools and various community interest groups to recruit participants in restoration activities and maintenance beyond the project timeline. CGW is actively seeking funding through local state, federal and private foundation to implement this program.