California Greenworks will celebrate Earth Day 2016 on April 22, with a community cleanup and tree planting activity. California Greenworks will return to Hyde Park Boulevard and renew our commitment to greening  Los Angeles neighborhoods one community at a time. In 2012 California Greenworks planted 31 Evergreen Pear trees along a former railroad right-of-way and followed-up in 2014 with a community cleanup, where we removed 5800 lbs of trash.

We will maintain and further beautify Hyde Park Boulevard from 7th Avenue to Wilton Place, by planting additional trees. In addition, community stakeholders and California Greenworks volunteers will gather on the morning of April 22 to collect trash, clean up parkways and plant more trees.

California Greenworks hopes to partner with Council District 8, Home Depot, Valley Crest, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, Local Schools, Neighborhood Council Discretionary Funds/Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, and matching funds from individual property owners and homeowners to name a few.

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