Stocker Trail Ingold Park Connection and Observation Ramp

The Stocker Trail Project Ingold Park Connection gives a wonderful chance to reconnect with nature for the people living in the Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, and Ladera Heights. The nearly mile-long trail and Observation ramp provides an amazing view of the Santa Monica Bay. The Trail follows along a natural setting where many species of plants and animals some native only to Southern California call home.

Walking the trail provides an imaginary peek into the past reminiscent of a time when Southern California was a vast and empty land. History in the Baldwin Hills dates back to at least 500 A.D. when Native Americans first inhabited the coastal region. The Baldwin Hills, with its abundance of plants and animals, became the Native American’s breadbasket. During the 1800s, Spanish settlers established large ranches over much of what is today the Los Angeles Basin.

Creating this connection from the Stocker trail to Ingold Park above will allow residences from the surrounding Baldwin Hills, Ladera and Windsor Hills communities to share in the wondrous experience of historical value and nature within our urban setting. This proposed project would improve the connectivity of both communities and offer recreational opportunities for all who visit.