Our Proposed Blackwelder Community Greenbelt

The Problem

As a narrow, dense drainage channel corridor surrounded by major arterial streets, industrial buildings, and commercial buildings, the Blackwelder Tract provides a highly visible public connection to the green infrastructure along the Lower Ballona Creek. The intersection of La Cienega and Fairfax will serve as a key visual indicator of the natural systems and habitat accentuating the urban landscape. It will also connect pedestrians coming and going from the neighborhoods to the east, utilizing Westside Neighborhood Park as a primary green corridor.

Our Solution

Our proposed Blackwelder Community Greenbelt project will create a green infrastructure network along the boundaries of Los Angeles. Stormwater gardens, bike trails, and walking paths can unite this portion of the Lower Ballona Creek while increasing opportunities for the pollination of the native flora. Pathways and seating gardens can be set within abundantly landscaped areas with native plant materials selected to transform the current site conditions. Beyond habitat restoration, the project design promotes public interaction with the surrounding natural environment through increased access points, seating areas, and educational signage. Landscape improvement at the selected sites shows potential to create an outdoor classroom by providing histories of the Gabrielino/Tongva, and about the systems, habitats, and species required for restoring natural resources.

We want to hear from you!

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Our Blackwelder Community Greenbelt solves a myriad of issues:

– improves flood management, flood conveyance and flood risk mitigation
– creates, enhances new green and park space
– improves public access to waterways
– creates new recreational opportunities
– reduces heat local island effect and increases shade
– increases tree canopy and carbon sequestering

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