Proposed Projects and Opportunities

Adult Greening Skills

California Greenworks offers unique opportunities for adults in minority and underserved communities to access job skills in the environmental job career space. We will work with educational institutions, business bureaus and organizations, and training facilities to bring programs, training and certification processes to specific geographic regions that meet the legal definition of underserved. Possible program sectors (programs will be given on-demand and digitally) :

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Janitorial 
  • Renewable energy
  • Green business skills (marketing)
  • Supply chain
  • Heating and cooling systems

Ballona Creek Revitalization and Development

This project will restore habitat with native vegetation and improve water and air quality as well as create much-needed green spaces and habitat connectivity. In addition, the project will promote the protection of existing natural resources and provide recreational and outdoor education opportunities through service learning to a large sector of low-income communities that are key to reducing urban pollution and improving local and coastal water quality.  The purpose of this project is to improve and restore the natural resources of the wetland while providing multiple benefits through on the ground urban greening and habitat improvements within the lower portion of Ballona Creek Watershed. CGW will engage students, at-risk-youth, residents and business owners especially those from low-income communities in the Watershed, promoting public participation and involvement through services-learning and outdoor activities that provide recreation and engage participants in a personal way and inspire social responsibility in protecting the environment.

SouthLA EcoLab

This is California Greenworks environmental education park in south Los Angeles. The main goal of the facility is to train urban youth to be environmental leaders in their communities. The proposed SoLA EcoLab Stormwater Park will be a first of its kind public private partnership facility located in south Los Angeles. This will be a state of the art LEED Platinum facility. It is an environmentally responsible project designed for the community, offering public park space including children’s play area, outdoor seating, exercise equipment and natural areas with native plants and shade trees. In addition to providing much needed green space, the park will also serve as an educational model for sustainable urban environments. All plants are drought tolerant, all site materials are water permeable, and all Stormwater is retained on site, either to be re-used in the building or to replenish groundwater. As an educational center focusing on urban ecology, the SoLA EcoLab is designed to promote and demonstrate a connection between the building and the natural systems of our environment.

Collaborations and Reinventing Successes

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate  on any of the above, including re-engaging in previously successful projects. If you are interested in a butterfly garden at your school, collaborating on a community awareness event or working on a green curriculum for your group, please contact us to start the conversation at