Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who joined us and made our 2023 CELA Awards a success!

Thank you for helping to grow awareness about the ever-increasing problems of climate change; all ticket sales support environmental impact work that directly benefits low income residents.

About the G.W. Carver Environmental Legacy Awards

Dr. George Washington Carver, an African American scientist, naturalist, visionary and environmentalist saw it fitting to pursue a life of uplifting his community through the use of ecology and science. His vision lives with us today. The GW Carver Environmental Legacy Awards is intended to serve as recognition for outstanding devotion and service to mankind.

Our award recognizes leaders within their prospective fields of academia, green technology/STEM, environmental justice/advocacy, entertainment and community service categories. These outstanding citizens have distinguished themselves within their prospective professions to have made a positive impact on humanity and our environment. We seek to honor their service to humanity and achievements with our award during this annual gala celebration.

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