Cesar Chavez Day of Remembrance – A Call to Action

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, the California Greenworks team had the privilege of participating in the Cesar Chavez Day of Remembrance hosted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District.  

The event was a powerful reminder that anyone can create a positive change in our world, even under the direst of circumstances.  

Cesar Chavez, a civil rights, Latino and farm labor leader, is often recognized as one of the first environmental justice leaders. One major example is his leadership in the Grape Boycott, protesting the use of harmful pesticides on the fruit. 

The Keynote speaker, Teresa Romero, President of the United Farm Workers, offered an empowering perspective on the history of social activism in environmental justice, as well as calls to action.  

My takeaway? We must follow suit in THIS CALL TO ACTION, and make sure we become responsible stewards of the environment, and always with social justice at the forefront.

Two honorees were presented with awards to thank them for their contributions to empowering underserved communities in climate equity: US Representative Tony Cárdenas (29th District), and Larry Itlong, Filipino American Labor Organizer, whose daughter Patty Itlong Serda accepted on his behalf.  

And of course, the musical talents of Las Colibri, an all-female string ensemble specializing in modern takes on Mariachi, had the audience singing along.