As a celebrity, you can make a HUGE impact in saving Mother Earth.

Leaders play an essential role in helping our society overcome issues of climate change and climate equity. As a celebrity, your voice is vital.

Partner with us to play this important role in bringing much needed awareness and change to this issue.

Our mission is to improve the environment and quality of life for low income residents of urban communities around Los Angeles. These communities have less than 10% tree canopy, in areas plagued by many hazards to human health and the environment. These individuals are also general of minority populations: A 2014 study found that Black people are 75% more likely than any others to live in “fenceline zones,” an area nearby facilities that handle hazardous wastes. For Latinos, the rate is 60%. Overall, the poverty rate in these areas is 50% higher than the rest of the United States, and the percentage of adults with less than a high school degree is 46% greater than elsewhere in the country.

This lack of education keeps families trapped in an environmentally unjust cycle of poverty and poor physical and mental health. You can be the change they need.

Sponsor Our Programs to Plant Trees, Develop Green Space in Low Income Areas

According to The Nature Conservancy, neighborhoods with more pavement absorb more heat and can be 5-8 degrees hotter. This means …. 

  • Trees can save residents money on electric bills, giving them long term financial relief. 
  • Tree coverage and shade saves lives in lower income neighborhoods without air conditioning. 
  • Mature trees increase home values by 7-19% (source: HGTV), which can help someone financially in a lower income neighborhood 

Benefits of Supporting California Greenworks

Your gift to California Greenworks supports our programs to plant trees and develop urban green space projects in underserved communities. 

Celebrity supporters are recognized across our social media channels and our email newsletter to our list of more than 5,000 subscribers. Based on your giving level, you will receive an invite for yourself and guest(s) to our annual CELA awards event. In 2023, this event will be hosted at the Samuel Oschid Space Shuttle Pavilion. We also invite you to participate in community service events, with PR announcements regarding your participation. We are definitely looking forward to finding out more about what you’d like most from this partnership, and to recognize your gift in the way you see fit.

Ready to save the planet? Reach out here or email 

**You can also send a check for your sponsorship written out to ‘California Greenworks’ at 9800 S. La Cienega Blvd., Suite 200, Inglewood, CA 90301. Please note in the Memo line that the check is part of our Celebrity Support Opportunities sponsorship.

“We owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve the environment so that we can bequeath our children a sustainable world that benefits all.”

~Wangari Maathai