Success! Previously Completed Projects

Native Butterfly Gardens

We worked with schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District to plant a native butterfly garden on school grounds and to increase green space. This gives students access to more green space as well as provides educational opportunities outside the classroom and helps mitigate the decline of pollinators.

WaterLinks Watershed Education Program

A curriculum offered to 5th grade students,  the WaterLinks program taught on the relationship between urban waterways and the importance to our ocean ecosystem. The program further provides students with an understanding of their watershed and that water is the link which flows to the ocean. Educating our future youth to the importance of water conservations, water pollution, recycling and environmental stewardship is what this program promotes.

Youth Sustainability Summit

California Greenworks partnered with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office and the Los Angeles Unified School District in 2016 to bring this summit to youth in underserved communities. The summit developed leadership skills for these youth, empowering them to advance environmental stewardship through economic development and education. It was a hands-on experience with workshop topics such as: sustainable practices in culinary arts, sustainable practices in sports, saving energy in California schools, transportation industry and environment, sustainable practices in sports, and many more. A total of 175 students from 20 campuses participated, with 30 organizations providing content, resources and experiences for the event. From this, 63 students were employed within sustainable fields or engaged in sustainable projects within their schools and communities.

EarthFest LA Concert for the Environment

This event was hosted as an outreach and awareness program in collaboration with other local nonprofit groups  involved with environmental causes both locally and nationally. The concert is a one-day affair filled with exciting activities and informative programming on issues related to climate change, environmental justice, water conservation, energy efficiency, community health and nutrition. Vendors from across the state and locally come to share their knowledge and services for this cause. Among some of the amazing talent who have performed at our events are Ambrosia, Paul Brown Jazz, DW3, Freddie Ravel Jazz, and many more.

Lower Ballona Creek, Stormwater Feasibility Study

California Greenworks conducted the Lower Ballona Creek Planning and Feasibility Study from 2017-2019. Its focus was to determine the feasibility of reversing some of the key issues associated with water supply, stormwater and urban runoff, aquatic biodiversity, and loss of habitat which afflicts the Blackwelder Tract of lower Ballona Creek. We seek to create a green infrastructure network along the boundaries of Los Angeles. Stormwater gardens, bike trails, and walking paths can unite this portion of the Lower Ballona Creek while increasing opportunities for the pollination of the native flora. The long-term vision makes the entire region more accessible for bicyclists, thereby creating opportunities for eco-friendly commutes, and in general increasing the green space available for local residents.

Compton Creek Pollution Prevention Partnership Program 

This project combined wetland restoration with environmental education and engaged with more than 2500 community members. Working closely with schools in the Watts and Compton areas, California Greenworks organized field trips, hosted community meetings, and engaged at-risk youth in wetland restoration activities such as removing invasive species as well as water quality monitoring. It was an integrated effort that educated students, youth, and community members about the watershed, and most importantly, promoted pollution prevention awareness and environmental stewardship amongst community members.