Current and Ongoing Initiatives

Climate Equity Forum Series

As climate change increases, and environmental hazards become more prevalent, the imbalance in climate equity becomes more and more apparent. Climate Equity means ensuring that all communities have the opportunity to benefit from resources that promote sustainable living, such as renewable energy, employment and adaptation solutions. Typically, minority, low-income and otherwise marginalized populations have little to no access to these options. At each Climate Equity Forum Series event, a selected pair of speakers will present relevant topics and then the speakers and participants will hike at various trails in LA. In the event of bad weather, we will host indoor panel discussions and encourage participants to discuss and ask questions about climate equity.

The Annual Climate Innovation and Climate Resiliency Scholastic Contest

The Annual Climate Innovation and Climate Resiliency Scholastic Contest is available to students in the Los Angeles Unified School District and other districts in LA county. With the help of our Presenting Sponsor, we develop the prompt for each year’s contest. The contest theme is announced in August and students will have the opportunity to submit their poster/essay design before World Environment Day near the end of each September. Winners will be announced in October.

CELA Awards event

The California Greenwork’s Dr. George Washington Carver Environmental Legacy Awards is intended to serve as recognition for outstanding devotion to service, innovation, and commitment in the areas of environmental justice, equity, and humanity.  Those honored and nominated for this award have distinguished themselves through service within their chosen professions to demonstrate their passion for protecting the environment and service to all mankind. Dr. George Washington Carver an African American scientist, teacher, naturalist, visionary,  conservationist, inventor and environmentalist saw it fitting to pursue a life of uplifting his community through the use of ecology and science. His vision lives with us today.

SPROUT Green Curriculum

SPROUT is an e-learning program broken into various modules that provide green curriculum materials, STEM compliant for any teacher to integrate into the classroom. The content targets high schools with a higher percentage of minority, low-income or otherwise marginalized populations. The goal is ultimately to provide this e-learning content on a widespread scale, to reach an unlimited youth audience and inspire exponential growth in the green collar jobs segment.

Blackwelder Restoration

California Greenworks is currently working to restore the loss of habitat in the Blackwelder Tract of lower Ballona Creek. We seek to create a green infrastructure network along the boundaries of Culver City and Los Angeles. Stormwater gardens, bike trails, and walking paths can unite this portion of the Lower Ballona Creek while increasing opportunities for the pollination of the native flora. The long-term vision makes the entire region more accessible for bicyclists, thereby creating opportunities for eco-friendly commutes, and in general increasing the green space available for local residents.

SoLA Urban Forestry

Tree planting and maintenance: Trees play an essential role in not just beautifying a neighborhood, by providing habit, reducing greenhouse gasses and Urban Heat Island effect. Here in south Los Angeles, trees are not as prevalent as in other parts of Los Angeles. The goal of this program is to increase the amount of tree canopy throughout South Los Angeles.  To date, we have planted 114 trees in Hyde Park and 23 trees in Jefferson Park. We are working now to plant 100 trees in Inglewood and Long Beach. Our goal is to plant 1000 trees over the next 5 years. We also host community cleanup efforts at the time of tree plantings and invite area residents to participate in these events.