Our Focus Areas

Our programs align with the 3 key areas of our mission: environmental education, urban revitalization and green economics advocacy. Individual programs may focus on just one of these areas, or may have elements of all three – depending on the specific project. Here is a deeper look at what each area means:

  • Environmental education: Providing curriculum, resources and tools to instruct youth and adults on environmental best practices, innovations and other important topics.
  • Revitalizing urban open space: Planting trees, developing green space, creating green space on school grounds, adding parks and implementing projects to protect the environment in underserved, ignored areas.
  • Green economics advocacy: We promote youth to explore careers in the green economy, providing tools to enter the workforce. We also engage adults and provide opportunities for furthering education in the green industry.

Environmental work is a long-term solution. Some of our programs require years of planning, and may sit in a pending stage while we pursue funding to bring it to life. This means we also have many successfully completed past projects that we no longer actively participate in, but that are vital to share regarding our work in the community. The following explains projects in each of these various statuses.