Green Schools Native Plant Butterfly Garden Program

This program provides environmental education opportunities for urban youth in the area of ecology and the evolution of butterflies. It teaches basic earth science and meets the California Education teaching standard for English, science, and math.

For most schools, the first step is to create the learning garden. The Green Schools Native Plant Butterfly Garden Program unites teachers, parents, businesses and the students themselves to design a learning garden tailored to each school’s unique needs. Then, in one satisfying day of service, hundreds of volunteers come together to create a beautiful place for children to learn and grow.

After the garden is built, our partner schools enter a multi-year training program to learn how to use their new teaching tool to get REAL results.  Our seasoned and certified educators provide on-site one-on-one training with teachers, sharing proven tips and techniques tailored to each teacher’s individual needs.  Teachers also get ready-to-use lesson plans that are easy to implement and continue to receive new activities and garden materials to help them succeed.

For Teachers

Design & Build a Butterfly Garden : A Simple Toolkit for Teachers & Students